Nicole Ollin


Degree in Art Studies

Passion for Mexican Medicine

Diploma in Neuroscience, Art & Culture.

Humans, Nature, Technology intertwined

Multidisciplinary artist with a degree in Art Studies and a diploma in Neuroscience, Art, and Culture. Her work combines art, science, and technology, focusing on ceramics, writing, ecosomatics, and experiential herbolaria. Nicole's art explores traditional Mexican medicine and the connections between humans, nature, and technology, challenging our perceptions

Exploratory Art


Nicole Ollin's projects encompass a wide range of disciplines, combining art, science, and technology to create unique and thought-provoking pieces.

Ceramic Creations

Discover Nicole Ollin's captivating ceramic artworks that explore the intricate connections between humans, nature, and traditional Mexican medicine.

Nature and Technology

Explore Nicole Ollin's projects that explore the intersection of nature and technology, resulting in innovative and captivating pieces.

Ecosomatic Expressions

Nicole Ollin's ecosomatic projects delve into the embodiment of nature, offering a unique perspective on our relationship with the world.